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Current Affairs

CSS Syllabus Current Affairs  –  100 Marks

Candidates will be expected to display such general knowledge of history, politics and

International Affairs, as deemed necessary to interpret current affairs.

I. Pakistan’s Domestic Affairs (20 marks)

§ Political

§ Economic

§ Social

II. Pakistan’s External Affairs (40 marks)

§ Pakistan’s relations with its Neighbors (India, China, Afghanistan, Russia)

§ Pakistan’s relations with the Muslim W orld (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Turkey)
§ Pakistan’s relations with the United States

§ Pakistan’s relations with Regional and International Organizations (UN, SAARC, ECO, OIC, WTO, CW)
III. Global Issues (40 marks)

§ International Security

§ International Political Economy

§ Human Rights

§ Environment: Global Warming, Kyoto Protocol, Copenhagen Accord

§ Population: world population trends, world population policies

§ Terrorism and Counter Terrorism

§ Global Energy Politics

§ Nuclear Proliferation and Nuclear Security

§ Nuclear Politics in South Asia

§ International Trade (Doha Development Round and Bali Package)

§ Cooperation and Competition in Arabian Sea, Indian and Pacific Oceans.

§ Millennium Development Goals, Current Status,

§ Globalization

§ Middle East Crisis

§ Kashmir Issue

§ Palestine Issue


S.No. Title Author
1. Pakistan Foreign Policy 1947-2005: A Concise History, 2011 Abdul Sattar,
2. Issue in Pakistan’s Economy, 2010 Akbar S. Zaidi
3. Pakistan: A Hard Country, 2012 Anatol Lieven
4. Government & Politics in South Asia, 6th ed.,
Baxter, Malik, Kennedy & Oberst,
5. Introduction to International Political
Economy, 2010
David Balaam & Bradford
6. International Organization (Second Edition)
Volker Rittberger, Bernhard
Zangl and Andress Kruck
7. The Age of Deception: Nuclear Diplomacy in
Treacherous Times (2011)
Mohamed Elbaradei
8. International Relations, 2012 Joshua Goldstein
9. World Politics: Trends & Transformation,
Kegley & Blanton
10. Pakistan Beyond the Crisis, 2011 Maleeha Lodhi
11. Globalization in Question, 2009 Paul Hirst
12. International Political Economy: Interests & Institutions in the Global Economy, 2010 Thomas Oatley
13. Politics and Change in the Middle East, 10th
Ed., Pearson, 2012
Andersen, Seibert, and
14. Eating Grass: The Making of the Pakistani
Bomb, (2012)
Feroz Khan
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