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CSS Syllabus Islamiat – 100 Marks

I. Introduction of Islam.
· Concept of Islam.
· Importance of Deen in Human Life.
· Difference between Deen and Religion.
· Distinctive Aspects of Islam.
· Islamic Beliefs & its Impact on Individual & Society and the Fundamental of Islam
· Islamic Worships: Spiritual, Moral and Social Impact.

II. Study of Seerah of Prophet Mohammad (PBAH) as Role Model for:-
· Individual
· Diplomat
· Educator
· Military Strategist
· Peace Maker

III. Human Rights & Status of Woman in Islam.
· Human Rights and Status of Woman in Islam
· Dignity of Men and Women

IV. Islamic Civilization and Culture:
· Meanings and the Vital Elements
· Role of Civilization in Development of Human Personality and Communities
· Distinctions of Islamic Civilization (Tauheed, Spiritualism, Dignity of Man, Equality, Social Justice, Moral Values, Tolerance, Rule of Law)

V. Islam and World.
· Impact of Islamic Civilization on the West and Vice Versa
· The Role of Islam in the Modern World.
· Muslim World and the Contemporary Challenges.
· Rise of Extremism.

VI. Public Administration and Governance in Islam
· Concept of Public Administration in Islam
· Quranic Guidance on Good Governance
· Concept of Governance and its Applications in the light of Quran, Sunnah and Fiqh.
· Governance Structure in Islam i.e. (Shura, Legislation, Sources of Islamic Law)
· Governance under Pious Khelifat
· Particular letters of Hazrat Umar (R.A) and Hazrat Ali (R.A) to different Authority.
· Responsibilities of Civil Servants
· System of Accountability in Islam

VII. Islamic Code of Life.
· Salient Features of Islamic Systems, Social System, Political System, Economic
System, Judicial System, Administrative System,
· Procedure of Ijmah and Ijtehad


Sr. No. Title Author
1. Introduction of Islam Dr. Hamidullah
2. Islam: its meaning and Message Khurshid Ahmad
3. Islam: The Misunderstood Religion Muhammad Qutub
4. Islam at the crass road MohummadAsad
5. Islam and the Economic Challenge Umer Chapra
6. A brief Survey of Muslim Science and Culture M. Abdur Rahman
7. Administrative Development an Islamic Perspective Muhammad Al-Buraey
8. Quranic Sciences Afzalur Rahman
9. Islamization of Pakistan Iqbal Zafar
10. Islamic Law and Constitution Abul A’ la Mawdudi,
11. Insan e Kamil Dr Khalid Alvi
12. Islami Tehzeeb Kay Chund Darakhshan Pehloo Mustafa Sabbai
13. Islam Aur Tahzeeb -e -Maghrib Ki Kash Makash Dr Muhammad Ameen,
14. Aurat Maghrib aur Islam Serwat Jamal Asmaui
15. Seerat-un-Nabi Vol. I Shibli Nu’mani
16. Islam and Secular Mind Edited by Tarik Jan
17. Khilafat-o-Malookiat Abul A’ la Mawdudi,
1. Towards Understanding Islam Abul A’ la Mawdudi,
2. Ideals and Realities of Islam Hussain Nasr,
3. Administrative Development; an Islamic Perspective, KP.L. London Alburacy Muhammad A.
4. Arab Administration Hussain Shah
5. The Islamic Republic : Politics, Law and Economy Hassan Dr. S. Farooq
6. Studies in Muslim Political Thoughts and Administration Sherwani, H.K.S.
7. Reconstruction of Religious Thoughts in Islam Allama Iqbal
8. Islamic Political System in the Modern age: Theory and Practice Ahmad Manzooruddin
9. Sovereignty-Modern and Islamic: Ilays Ahmad
10. Islam in Transition: Muslim Perspectives Donohue J, John A. and
Esposito L. John (eds)
11. Islam Aik Nazar Main Sudderud Din Islahi
12. IslamiNazria e Hayat Khurshid Ahmad
13. Islami Nizam e Zindgi aur us kay Bunyadi Tassworat Abul Aala Maudoodi
14. Jadah o Manzil Seyyed Kotub
15. Islam ka Nizam e Hakoomat Maulana Hamid ul Ansari
16. Islami Nizam Dr Yousof Qerzawi,
17. Bonyadi Haqooq Muhammad Salahuddin
18. Islam Ka Muashi Nizam Justice Taqi Usamani,
19. Tahzeeb o Tamaddon e Islami Rasheed Akhter Nadvi
20. First Principle of Islamic Economics Abul A’ la Mawdudi
21. Islamic Civilization Foundations Belief & Principles Abul A’ la Mawdudi
22. Workship in Islam Abul A’ la Mawdudi
23. Let us be Muslims Khurram Murad
24. Women and Social Justice; an Islamic Paradigm Prof. Dr. Anis Ahmad


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