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Pakistan just achieved the remarkable milestone of administering over 100 million doses in the short time-span of nine months alone. Rapid immunisation is the reason why Covid-19 has been relatively contained in Pakistan as the NCOC is only reporting an average of 500 cases a day. In comparison to the last few months, this is a monumental achievement. At the same time, we must not forget that, at any point in time, the virus could bounce back and wreak havoc. It is vital that we continue taking precautions and encourage the remaining population to get the vaccine as well.

The 100 million doses administered have effectively vaccinated 68 million, 38 of whom are fully vaccinated. It is now time for the remaining 30 million to schedule their remaining dose. This will be particularly important considering that as Pakistan resumes functions rather normally, proof of being fully vaccinated will be the way through which the masses can observe their routines as well.

It is vital that all institutions, organisations and businesses endorse preventative measures and make observing them a law within public spaces at least. Social distancing must still be practiced, especially when there is a new variant being detected in the country.

Epsilon is a Covid-19 variant that originated in California but 40 cases have been reported in Pakistan as well. This shows that the virus continues to mutate, taking on more dangerous and contagious forms as a result. The only way forward is to observe previous protocols that will keep the pandemic at bay. Our healthcare system cannot take the burden of another wave. Thus, it is imperative that the government does not let the masses forget the fact that we are still in the midst of a pandemic, even though it is fading into the background. We have earned the normalcy that is prevailing, it would be a shame to throw it out the window by being careless.​

Source: Published in The Nation

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