Democratisation of Education By Zarak Khan

In Pakistan, there is a need to add variations and contemporary changes in our education system. The future of Pakistan lies in the hands of youth, but the discrimination and inequality in the system is paralyzing our youth. Those who succeed in gaining education are unable to get jobs. Most of our youth is suffering the atrocities of unemployment. The “rich” and “poor” class division is destroying our education system too.
We should adopt the Chinese model of education which will not only enhance the confidence of our young minds but also as a medium; to economic stability and success. Education is seen by all the “players” in the China Rises stories, as both an ends and a means to economic success. The history of China demonstrates that education is the catalyst for expanding capabilities of individuals to have the choice to do more, live a long life, to escape avoidable illness, and to have access to the world’s stock of knowledge. For the country as a whole, the level of adult literacy skills is an indicator of enhanced personal welfare and improved productivity. Thus China must carefully reflect on the past as well as the future to examine how to make the present education system as democratic as possible. Democratic education in this context refers to education that has open access and equal opportunity, but always with the preservation of a strong core of high quality into which only those who can qualify may enter. It implies an education system whose curriculum and pedagogy is designed to ensure that all have access to the possibility to become citizens who are skilled at making decisions that benefit individuals and society and who are autonomous reflective thinkers.
Democratic Education, will help in stabilizing the youth and will also help in breaking the binaries of rich and poor stature. Currently, our education structure is suffering from the class division. In my point of view, we should provide equally embellished education to both rich and poor class, this will not only provide equal education to every child but will also help in stabilizing our economy.
The equal system of Education will provide healthy environment to the young souls to practice and enhance their talent. In this way we will manufacture skillful and intelligent labor for Pakistan. In order to eradicate unemployment from our country, we should provide equal opportunities to each and every young citizen.
Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry is planning to provide a platform to the young students and entrepreneurs to start their business in the most competent way. I believe that we should welcome the new innovative ideas of our young ones, they can help us in making our economy better and smooth. We will be signing MOU with China to provide jobs for our young graduates in order to eradicate unemployment and to inculcate confidence in our youth. PCJCCI is also working on providing internships to the graduates in China as well as in Pakistan.
My aim is to eradicate unemployment from Pakistan, and I want government to work on this important factor to transform our youth in self-reliant and compassionate citizens. Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry also conduct various seminars and sessions with the experienced and enthusiastic business tycoons of Pakistan as well as of China, on monthly basis. These sessions are totally free for the young entrepreneurs and fresh graduates. Our aim is to provide easy communication between the business tycoons and the young entrepreneurs.
Source: https://nation.com.pk/25-Nov-2019/democratisation-of-education

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