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If India thought that it could once again skirt away the recent allegations of state-sponsored terrorism alleged against it, with evidence attached, it thought wrong. Pakistan has decided to take the fight against India diplomatically—two days after Pakistan presented incriminating proof of Indian involvement in terrorism in its territory, Pakistan’s foreign secretary briefed the envoys of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) about “the dossier”.

The dossier contains some damning information for India. The dossier showed that the Indian intelligence agencies were aiding banned outfits that are against Pakistan, showing that India planned to “upscale terrorist activities in Pakistan” in the coming months, with there being at least four meetings between Indian intelligence officials and these banned terrorist outfits in which they had decided to target big cities. There are a number of eye-raising allegations in the dossier, naming certain attacks that occurred in Pakistan with alleged Indian backing, and stating that India was supplying weapons, ammunition and IEDs to terrorists as well.

It is good for Pakistan to act quickly—the Western media had not picked up the news of the dossier yet, and taking the issue to the UNSC will ensure that more attention will be drawn to it. Pakistan seems sure of the assertions it has made in the dossier—what is needed of the world is the right spotlight on this issue, which can best highlight the transgressions.

Will the world take action? The allegations in the dossier violate several UNSC resolutions, particularly Resolution 1373 which combats the financing of terrorism. The world has seen a sudden upscale in terrorist activities—in Afghanistan, Pakistan and near the region. The evidence shows that India has had some part or at least interest behind these terrorist attacks. A rise in terrorism anywhere is a rise in terrorism everywhere—these are delicate times for the region, with the UN and the US having an interest in there being less volatility near the Afghanistan region. As long as Pakistan keeps stressing on the evidence it has, the UN will have to take action against the international laws India has been freely violating.

Source: https://nation.com.pk/18-Nov-2020/fighting-with-diplomacy

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