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While addressing the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), PM Imran Khan pushed for the importance of striving for global welfare in the midst of a disabling pandemic. In recognition of the barriers that developing countries still have to overcome, he urged the international community to incorporate special provisions in their foreign policies to provide relief to all those struggling to keep up in such trying times. Promoting such levels of cooperation through diplomatic means is commendable and needs to continue to inspire positive change throughout the world.

According to his speech, Imran Khan highlighted the dire need for an equitable supply of COVID-19 vaccines, debt relief, the return of stolen and frozen assets as well as the provision of additional financial aid for fighting the virus and climate change alike. Without such help, developing countries stand to lose more people to poverty, hunger and disease. Considering such associated risks, it is vital for prominent members of the government, especially heads of states, to make sure that they are heard on a worldwide platform. Through the application of his welfare model on an international scale, our PM has not only addressed the grievances of the developing states but has also proposed viable solutions that can be implemented by those who have abundant capacity to help.

Such diplomatic efforts to incur greater collaboration are a marker of good governance and fortunately. There is no denying that many countries like Pakistan are suffering with crippling debt, inefficient national and local bodies, rising inflation, unstable economies, extreme scarcity of resources and the inability to produce and procure vaccines in abundance. This paints a grim picture for all those living within the nation, who battle a lowering quality of life as well as the coronavirus. The only way to get through this is with the empathetic support of our developed counterparts.

Source: https://nation.com.pk/27-Jan-2021/global-cooperation

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