Globalization: A False Fiasco? By Hidayat Nasar

Globalization: A False Fiasco? By Hidayat Nasar

Globalization is often referred to as a well-devised way of bringing the fragmented and disgruntled classes together. It is speculated that globalization is a tool for Ending the miseries of the proletariat class and is a complete code of liberalization of the economy that will eradicate the disparity between the Proletariat and bourgeoisie. This is a structural analysis of the topic under discussion which makes the reader aware of the long-standing miseries that await at the crossroads of the future. The aim is to critically examine the role of globalization with respect to Nation states and to present the view that the Nation states provide stimulus to the transitional corporations in furthering their nefarious and obnoxious designs of wealth accumulation.

Globalization is often considered a fruitful way of rendering the trade affairs and policies amongst the States. This is true in the case of the developed countries but is in no way different than misery for those struggling to get to the ladder of development and economic growth. The proponents of Globalization seem to have derived and devised such modus operandi that it compels third-world countries to adopt its tendencies of it. is in many ways an ill way that is devised to exploit the poor and pour more money into the pockets of those at the helm of affairs. Globalization is also seen as a monster that is nothing more than a challenge to the sovereignty of nation-states, especially developing nations.

Understanding the matter better As speculated earlier, Nation states stimulate the powerful class in exploiting the third-world countries or what the writer calls the Global South (GS), the Nation states end up as toothless partners and pawns in the hands of these corporate members. It is generally believed and accepted that globalization leads to progress due to the liberalization of markets and harmonization of trade but the facts are at odds with what the proponents of globalization suggest. If this was true then why Third world countries are still poor and why measures like the “trickle down effect”, are not proving substantial in eradicating poverty.

More than 100 million people still live under the poverty line. liberalization of markets as advocated by many authors and economists comes with protectionist tendencies and due to the low wages of the workers, Nation states can be branded as passive passengers in the global economic malaise. Apart from just economic woes, globalization has also played a pivotal role in the decline of culture. The polarization, fragmentation and destitution of culture due to the hegemony of superior cultures is also attributed to globalization. The superior cultures are portrayed as the sole representatives of global hegemony and are depicted as the civilized ones whilst the branded inferior ones are depicted as barbaric and uncivilized, the educational policies all over the world are also affected due to globalization.

Education which the liberal democracies claim to be the fundamental right of every citizen is restricted to the Proletariat class only. Quality education is a word unknown to the people of the global North (GN) or the developing nations. The false promises and fiascoes of Globalization are not hidden from anyone. It would not be wrong to state that Globalization is a mere tool to further the nefarious designs of neo-imperialism. Globalization has only paved the way for the rapid spread of drugs, information, knowledge, etc. and the cry of Global citizens is just a pantomime and caricature. Afghanistan the war-ravaged country, now ruled by the Dogmatic Taliban exports an enormous amount of Opium to the world using the trade policy of lassies advocated by Adam smith.

The champion of democracy (USA), sells ammunition and arms to Saudi Arabia and other countries in the name of globalization. The examples are countless in this regard and the never-ending list is long. In order to put the education system of the world on track, world economies need to be in line with the educational systems of Nation states. Yuval Noah Harari, a renowned historian and the author of Sapiens, suggested that in order to put the third world countries on the ladder to development and eradicate the threat of Global warming and ecological collapse, all the countries of the Global North should contribute only 2% of their GDP to this cause. This will help in stimulating better if not fruitful results and will also be face-saving for those who had made false promises of helping the third-world Nations.

Globalization: A False Fiasco? By Hidayat Nasar


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