Indian Attempts to Sabotage CPEC | Editorial

THE very fact that India has not officially denied reports about hatching conspiracies against China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is itself a firm evidence of New Delhi’s sinister designs against the project. Pakistan has long been sensitizing the international community about plans by India to undermine CPEC and has now shared documentary proof of its claims in the dossier that has already been provided to the UN and important countries.

India is using every conceivable tactic to sabotage CPEC and to realize the objective it is also engaged in acts of terrorism, which is an example of worst kind of terrorism against a purely economic endeavour by Pakistan and China aimed at ameliorating the lot of the poor and accelerate the pace of development in backward areas. It is unfortunate that on the one hand countries especially those of a region join hands in economic blocs to share fruits of development, India is not only spurring offers to join OBOR/CPEC but is consistently trying to sabotage the initiative. Way back in 2015, it established a special cell of its intelligence agency RAW to sabotage the Corridor and has allocated billions of rupees to carry out physical activities directed towards that end. What an irony that the head of the cell, which got 80 billion rupees initially, is directly responsible to the Prime Minister. The Pakistani dossier reveals that India trained and funded Baloch militants for terrorism in Balochistan and against CPEC. Baloch militant organizations were gathered under the banner of Baloch Raaji Aajoi Sangar (BRAS) by India, forming a militia of 700 insurgents to sabotage CPEC. There is also evidence that Indian agents based in Iran and New Delhi’s missions in Afghanistan were extensively being used to harm CPEC projects including attacks on Chinese manpower working on them. It is, however, satisfying that our defence forces are fully alive to the designs of the enemy and have taken exhaustive security measures to protect manpower and physical infrastructure related to CPEC and all projects are going ahead as per schedule.

Source: https://pakobserver.net/indian-attempts-to-sabotage-cpec/

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