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There have been many diseases in the past, but Coronavirus seems to have engulfed the world like a storm. The virus is running havoc in many countries. Most worrisome is the situation in our neighboring country India. People are dying in thousands, there is a lack of oxygen in hospitals, and the number of those infected and needing hospitalizations has gone far beyond the capacity of the health system.

Resultantly, people are dying on streets, and morgues and crematories or burial places have run out of capacity. Every country is trying to curb the virus by vaccinating its people and enforcing strict measures to restrict contact among people. While the rest of the world is scrambling to deal with the deadly virus, we in Pakistan seem largely indifferent. Plato once said that people are what the state is and that seems to be true for Pakistan at least. While people are completely disregarding the social distancing precautions, the government also does not seem prepared or willing to put in full effort to stop the deadly virus. Despite government appeals, shopping malls are full, and people seldom wear masks. So much so that government had to call in the army to ensure enforcement of SOPs. However, the hesitation on part of the government to implementing a complete lockdown for a couple of weeks is also mindboggling, especially when we are witnessing the horrors of Coronavirus in our neighboring country. The government keeps second-guessing lockdowns for political reasons, which is deplorable. The economy is important but it is if people are. Sanctity of life take precedent over everything. The government does not have a solid vaccination plan. We only have ordered vaccines for a handful of our population. They have not been exposed because people are not registering and going for vaccination. If they did, we would be out of stocks in days. The worst part is that both government and the opposition hold public meetings and press conferences with people not following the SOPs. I am afraid that if we do not take this virus seriously and work on war footings, we would be facing India like situation soon (God forbid). The government must enforce a complete and strict lockdown and people must follow the social distancing and wear masks. May Allah save our country from this looming catastrophe.

Source: https://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2021/04/27/looming-disaster/

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