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OIC Council of Foreign Ministers at its 47th session in Niamey, Niger adopted a resolution reaffirming its strong support for Kashmir cause. Strongly denouncing India’s illegal steps and blatant human rights violations in occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the OIC stressed for resolution of the lingering dispute by giving right of self-determination to oppressed people.

It was a comprehensive and strongly worded resolution that sent a loud and lucid message that 57-member countries really feel the pain and agony of oppressed Kashmiri people. It also proved false and baseless the assertions made by India that Kashmir is not part of Niamey meeting agenda. The people of Pakistan and Kashmir are grateful to all Muslim countries for supporting their stance but time has come to take a step further as mere resolutions will not bring any relief in lives of Kashmiri people as such written resolutions fall on deaf ears. The OIC resolution this time around has made a very specific point urging the international community to review its engagements with India, the occupying power, for violating and disregarding international laws in occupied territory. Before suggesting others, the OIC countries themselves should take a lead in this regard. The Indian atrocities are not only confined to occupied Jammu and Kashmir as Muslim citizens of India are also being victimised on daily basis under different pretexts with the support of state machinery.

The enmity of BJP government towards Muslims is no longer a secret. We, therefore, will ask the OIC especially those who have strengthened their relations with New Delhi over the last few years to review their level of cooperation with this extremist government. If the OIC really wants to do something serious for oppressed Kashmiri people, it must enbloc cut off all diplomatic, trade and economic ties with India until it moves towards resolution of outstanding dispute as per the UN Security Council resolutions.

Source: https://pakobserver.net/oic-kashmir-resolution/

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