Pakistan Wins International Support By Maleeha Hashmey

The longstanding Pak-India conflict is not new to the world, nor is the fact that India has been making full use of proxy warriors and miscreants for decades, to destabilize Pakistan. What is new is that Pakistan finally decided to come out with a loud and clear declaration of calculated and precise evidence-based factual details on how, when, where and what exactly India has been cooking to not only puncture the peace and stability in Pakistan, but also hurt the country economically.

In a joint press conference, the Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Official Spokesperson of Pakistan’s Armed Forces, Maj. Gen. Babar Iftikhar presented a comprehensive dossier underlining the wicked role of India in establishing consortium of banned terrorist outfits, using its own land and partially Afghanistan, to target Pakistan.

The dossier contained irrefutable evidence of direct Indian involvement in the terrorist activities that took place in Pakistan over the last two decades, involving the celebratory event in Indian Consulate, Jalalabad, after APS Peshawar attack left every citizen of Pakistan and abroad mourning.

An anti-CPEC terror cell being operated by RAW – India’s premier intelligence agency since 2015, with funding worth $500 Million (PKR 80 Billion), was also mentioned. The fact that the anti-CPEC terror cell has been functioning under the direct supervision of Indian PM – Modi, and is tasked to disrupt CPEC projects, turned many heads.

The international media picked up Pakistan’s bombshell presser and fairly voiced Pakistan’s concerns against unjustified Indian aggression against innocent citizens of Pakistan, using terror financing and Afghan soil.

“Reuters sent India’s foreign ministry a statement from the media wing of Pakistan’s military detailing the allegations but it did not respond to request for comment. Qureshi said Pakistan is sending its evidence to the United Nations demanding India be censured, warning that “without international intervention it is difficult to guarantee peace in nuclear South Asia,” a region where both India and Pakistan possess nuclear weapons” – writes Bloomberg on the subject.

The Indian diplomatic missions in Afghanistan have been traced organizing, directing, funding, equipping and planning to execute nefarious terror activities in Pakistan. The dossier shared by the Pakistani officials comprised of the audio messages revealing the conversation between the Indian officers and the miscreants.

This well-timed move by Pakistan not only blew away decades old Indian propaganda regarding Balochistan, aimed at equating the Indian atrocities in Kashmir with the situation (led by Indian terror financing) in Balochistan, but also greatly revived Pakistan’s credibility worldwide.

Pakistan has finally come out of the “tried, tested and failed” policy of appeasement. PTI-led Imran Khan Govt. has been prioritizing the Foreign policy sphere like it should have been from the very beginning. Had it been the case since 2001, Pakistan would not have had $126 Billion economic loss, countless lost economic opportunities and a death toll of over 32000, involving 23000 civilian casualties and 9000 lives lost out of our law enforcement spectrum.

But thankfully, the world is successfully connecting the dots now, penning down a spade a spade.

“Pakistan’s Foreign Minister and Army said they had obtained documents that showed New Delhi had met with and funded members of the Pakistani Taliban, as well as Baloch insurgent groups from the southern province of Balochistan who have claimed responsibility for attacks on Chinese interests as part of an effort to sabotage China’s $65 billion Belt and Road investment plan in Pakistan.” – writes Arab News on the matter.

I believe that this pace should be kept up by Pakistan, if not accelerated and the case must be put up with the United Nations sooner than soon, to put an end to Indian aggression against Pakistan using banned terror outfits, like Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and Allah Nazar’s Baloch Liberation Army (a famous Baloch Insurgent Separatist group).

It is “now or never” sort of situation that we have at hand now. The whole world is now seeing through the filthy Indian propaganda peddled against China Pakistan Economic Corridor. The magnanimous potential that CPEC carries for the economic uplift of Pakistan, beginning with Balochistan is a nightmare for our rival neighbour. It pains them to imagine how promptly they will run out of the gullible young Baloch population, once the province gets economically empowered.

This is the time for all socio-political segments of Pakistan to unite and turn into a force to be reckoned with. The Opposition parties undermining the significance of this master stroke by the civilian and military leadership in the “super over” as they say in Cricket, will only please the enemy, who stands fully exposed in front of the whole world. Never too late to unite for a purpose that our future generations will thank us for. Here is to better times ahead, Insha Allah. Pakistan Zindabad!

Source: https://nation.com.pk/16-Nov-2020/pakistan-wins-international-support

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