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Addressing the process of bringing about peace in war torn Afghanistan through delegation level talks with Ashraf Ghani, Imran Khan is aiming to usher Pakistan into a new era of deepened friendship with its neighbour. Through this visit to Kabul, we have sent out a strong and undisputable message of trust and commitment to inspire harmony within the region in times when violence seems to be uncontainable. The hope now is for consistent progress to be made in a timely fashion so that mutual benefits can be secured for both countries.

The aim of all bilateral talks with Afghanistan is to strengthen ties with regards to resolving conflict and enhancing economic development within the region as a whole. With Afghanistan on our side, not only do economic prospects, particularly those concerning CPEC and the BRI, become more promising but any attempts by India to use their land for the purpose of destabilising Pakistan are neutralised. These are some aspects that could become the centre of discussion during Imran Khan’s stay in Afghanistan. It is undeniable that a country with a similar culture, history, faith and values provides ample opportunities for cooperation and it is up to us to make the most of the situation.

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With such laser focus on progress comes the issue of irrefutability; Afghanistan might never be able to say that Pakistan never extended a friendly hand during trying times, to help navigate the country towards prosperity, and is not interested in maintaining friendly ties with the country. Our intention is clear as our authorities go above and beyond to ensure that Pakistan remains an essential part of the stabilisation of Afghanistan as a whole.

Our talks with Afghanistan were kicked off by the incumbent government back in September and since then, the matter has only been getting more serious. Surely, the confidence with which we take the next step forward is going to go a long way in nurturing ties between the two countries and create a foundation for a multifaceted partnership. Perhaps the Prime Minister can also raise the issue of India using Afghan territory to foment terror here at home. Eradicating that issue would go a long way in cementing friendly ties with the country.

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