Essentials of International Relations Eighth Edition By Karen A. Mingst

Essentials of International Relations

Karen A. Mingst

Eighth Edition


CSS / PMS International Relations

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Essentials of International Relations By Karen A. Mingst 8th Editions. Brief textbooks are now commonplace in International Relations. This textbook was originally written to be not only smart and brief, but also— in the words of Roby Harrington of W. W. Norton— to include “a clear sense of what’s essential and what’s not.” While this book’s treatment of the essential concepts and information has stood the test of time through seven editions, this edition includes more substantial revisions.

The overall structure remains similar. Students need a brief history of international relations to understand why we study the subject and how current scholarship is informed by what has preceded it. Theories provide interpretative frameworks for understanding what is happening in the world. The levels of analysis— the international system, the state, and the individual— are introduced and then expanded in a chapter on the state and the tools of statecraft. Since conflict and cooperation are the foundation of international relations, a chapter is devoted to each. Then the other major issues of the day are examined from the international political economy, to international and nongovernmental organizations, human rights, and human security, namely migration, heath, and the environment.

This fully updated edition is enhanced by the addition of new material on the challenges to globalization posed by populism; the discussion of the perspectives using the 2014 and beyond Russia- Ukraine conflict; the introduction of cyberwarfare as a major type of war; the elaboration of international cooperation theory and new examples drawn from international law; the introduction of basic economic concept, including the role of the state and international monetary policy; the implications of Brexit for the future of the European Union; the expanded notion of human security with discussion on migration and refugees. As we add, so must we subtract to preserve the “brief” and “essential.” Radicalism is dropped from the general theoretical discussions, but retained in the international political economy chapter. Discussion of the individual level of analysis is abbreviated, as was suggested by our valuable reviews. Essentials of International Relations By Karen A. Mingst 8th Editions

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