How to Write Better Essays By Bryan Greetham

How to Write Better Essays

Bryan Greetham


Essay Writing

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How to Write Better Essays By Bryan Greetham. This book is not just about the actual writing of essays; it’s also about the various stages you need to go through to produce a good essay, and about the ways in which this can improve your learning. Once you’ve worked your way through it, you’ll find you have an invaluable guide that you can keep by your side as you write your essays, to give you answers to problems as they arise. Often, and for the best of motives, our problems in essay writing begin the very moment we are given the question. Anxious to get on with the work and not fall behind, we skip the interpretation stage and launch straight into our research. As a result, we read sources and take notes without a clear idea of what’s relevant, beyond some very general idea of the subject of the essay. Then finally, after hours of toil, tired and frustrated, and no clearer about what we’re doing, we’re left with a pile of irrelevant, unusable notes. How to Write Better Essays By Bryan Greetham.

Yet, just an hour or two interpreting the question would not only have saved us this wasted time, but would have given us a clear idea
of what the question is getting at and a better understanding of what the examiner is looking for in our work. And even more, it would have
given us the opportunity to get our own ideas and insights involved at an early stage. Without this our work can seem routine and predictable: at best just the re-cycling of the ideas that dominate the subject. So, what should you be looking for when you interpret a question? All essay questions tell you two things: the structure your essay should adopt for you to deal relevantly with all the issues it raises; and the range of abilities the examiner is expecting to see you use in answering the question. How to Write Better Essays By Bryan Greetham.


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