Most Common Mistakes in English By Jakub Marian

Title: Most Common Mistakes in English
Author: Jakub Marian
Pages: 288
Subject: English Grammar

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Before )e move on to the mistakes, there is one important thing you should realieF Each language is different, and )hat may be readily e0pressible in your mother tongue may be hard to e0press in English and vice versa 9hen you read about the mistakes, do not try to understand the English construction through translation into your mother tongue %f you make a mistake subconsciously, the corresponding construction in your mother tongue probably doesn’t agree )ith the English one, and trying to understand it using translation may only confuse you further

Did you know that the plural of “sheep” is “sheep” (not “sheeps”)? Some mistakes in English are incredibly common, even among advanced learners: irregular plurals, using “have done” instead of “did”, incorrect prepositions (“arrive to” instead of “arrive at”), placing commas where they shouldn’t be and omitting them when they are necessary… This book will teach you how to avoid some of the most common grammar and vocabulary mistakes English learners make.

If you are interested in the most common pronunciation mistakes, the author of the book has written a separate book on the topic entitled Improve your English pronunciation and learn over 500 commonly mispronounced words.

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