Politics 4th Edition By Andrew Heywood

Title: Politics
Author: Andrew Heywood
Editions: Fourth
Pages: 516
Subject: Political Science | International Realtions

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This book Politics 4th Edition By Andrew Heywood provides a comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to the study of politics. It is designed to be of use to students taking courses in any field of the discipline, as well as general readers with an interest in the subject. The book has been substantially revised and restructured in its fourth edition to take account of changes in the ever-evolving field of politics, but especially those changes that have led to a growing interdependence between domestic, international and global political developments. Instead of, as in earlier editions, attempting to address the international dimension of politics substantially through a single chapter, the current edition acknowledges the declining relevance of the disciplinary divide between politics and international relations, and of the domestic/international divide, upon which it is based. There are, therefore, new chapters on issues such as political economy and globalization, multilevel politics, security, and global governance and world order. A new final chapter focuses on the increasingly pressing notion that politics is in crisis, and, in the process, draws together themes that have been addressed at various points in the book Politics 4th Edition By Andrew Heywood. The previous organization of the book into five central themes has also been dropped, thereby acknowledging the arbitrary nature of such divisions and the essentially holistic nature of political analysis. Nevertheless, the organization of the book does follow an unfolding logic, and this is explained in ‘Using this book’ on pp. xviii–xix. This fourth edition also contains several new features, whose chief purpose is to encourage readers to develop critical awareness as well as their own views. A ‘Guide to the key features’ can be found on pp. xx–xxi. Politics 4th Edition By Andrew Heywood

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