Sociological Theory By George Ritzer

Title: Sociological Theory
Author: George Ritzer
Pages: 826
Recommended: FPSC
Subject: CSS PMS Sociology

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Sociological Theory By George Ritzer. This new edition of Sociological Theory, like its seven predecessors, offers a comprehensive overview of the history of sociological theory from its inception to the latest theoretical developments. My goal is to combine a discussion of the major classical theorists (Marx, Weber, Durkheim, and Simmel) with the most important contemporary theories and theorists.

In one convenient volume, this book offers students a handy overview of much of what they need to know about sociological theory, both past and present. As in previous editions, in-depth discussions of theories (often enlivened with examples) are accompanied by informative and—I believe—engaging biographical sketches of many of the most important thinkers in the history of sociology.

Once again, Sociological Theory offers two historical chapters surveying the early history of the field (Chapter 1) and recent developments (Chapter 6). These chapters provide an overview that allows students to put the work of each theorist in its historical, social, and political context.

The social world is a complex and difficult subject, and so are many of the theories about it. I have striven to make theory interesting, relevant, and as clear and accessible as possible. Sociological Theory By George Ritzer.

Sociological Theory By George Ritzer

Changes in the Eighth Edition

As is always the case, I faced difficult decisions about what to add and what to cut. There are some important additions to this edition, but I took care to be sure that the text did not grow long and cumbersome. Among the major changes/additions are the following:

  • • The discussion of Marx’s economic theory (Chapter 2) has been restored in this edition. Sociological Theory By George Ritzer
  • A substantial discussion of work of the contemporary critical theorist Axel Honneth has been added to Chapter 8 following a discussion of his mentor, Jurgen Habermas.
  • The discussion of Zygmunt Bauman’s work on modernity (Chapter 15) now includes a discussion of both his thinking on the Holocaust and on “liquid modernity.” Sociological Theory By George Ritzer
  • Coverage of the political approach to globalization (Chapter 16) enhanced, and there is a new section on neoliberalism.



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