Proxy War Against Pakistan By Malik Muhammad Ashraf

It is an irrefutable reality that Indian leaders, both past and present, have never accepted Pakistan as a reality and it has been their innate desire to reunite India or in case of failure to achieve that objective, to harm and weaken Pakistan irreparably.

Three wars over Kashmir and the role played by India in the dismemberment of Pakistan are rousing testimonies of the inherent malice that it harbours against Pakistan. The animosity unfortunately, did not end at that. India has been relentlessly engaged in maligning and denigrating Pakistan at the global level through sustained and false propaganda and the contrived narrative of Pakistan being a hub of terrorism. The revelations made by the European Disinfo Lab in regards to the web of deception woven by India to mislead and misguide world leaders and opinion makers about Pakistan is indeed mind-boggling, and clearly indicates Indian malevolence and depth of the thought process to achieve their nefarious designs. It has spurned all overtures by Pakistan to make a new beginning in the relations between the two countries through peaceful resolution of disputes between them, including Kashmir.

Since the advent of Narendra Modi—a hardcore disciple of RSS ideology of Hindutva—the animosity has been taken to a much higher level. Scrapping Article 370 of the Indian constitution, ending special status of the state, its subsequent bifurcation into two territories and annexation to the Indian Union followed by the law to change demographic realities and the suppression of the freedom movement through ruthless use of force, has created a very alarming situation which poses a grave threat to peace and security in the region.

India has also been waging a proxy war against Pakistan, which has been intensified by Narendra Modi’s government. The indication of this escalation came when Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) attacked the stock exchange in Karachi on June 29, 2020 and in a statement issued after the attack, it warned to intensify its struggle against China’s interests, if Beijing continued to remain “involved in Baloch exploitation”. The attack carried the hallmark of the 2018 BLA attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi. Not only was It designed to scare investors but also to send a warning signal to China since its companies took over the management control of the stock market in 2016 after acquiring 40 percent of the shares. These shares are held by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and China Financial Futures Exchange. The group has also been targeting Chinese nationals working on the corridor projects in Balochistan. It killed several workers in a bus attack in Dalbandin district about three years ago.

According to media reports, a special desk has been created in RAW to undermine and thwart the implementation of the CPEC and the intelligence agencies of Pakistan have gathered authentic information to this effect. The RAW Chief who reports directly to the Indian Prime Minister is personally supervising the venture.

Besides supporting BLA, India has also been financing activities of Daesh, TTP and other terrorist outfits. Indian involvement in the sectarian and separatist terrorism in Balochistan is a proven reality as confessed by the Indian spy Kalbhushan Jhadav.

Recently, the province has seen resurgence in acts of terrorism. In the first week of January 2021, eleven miners belonging to the Hazara community were massacred, preceded by an attack on FC post in Harnai on the night of December 26, 2020 in which seven FC soldiers were martyred. In another attack on a convoy of security guards in Ormara in October 2020, several soldiers and security guards were martyred. The BLA was also responsible for an attack on PC Gwadar and killing several workers employed on CPEC projects. India’s RAW, has also provided sanctuaries to the Baloch separatists on Afghan soil besides setting up training camps for them.

The foregoing facts leave no doubt about the fact that India, through a sustained proxy war, was not only trying to sabotage the implementation of CPEC in Pakistan but also using all overt and covert means to destabilise and weaken Pakistan. It is pertinent to mention that Pakistan has shared a dossier with the UN, US and other countries containing irrefutable evidence of Indian involvement in sponsoring terrorist acts within Pakistan and extending support to Baloch insurgents and other entities on the terrorist list of the UN. But it is a regrettable reality that nobody seems bothered about state terrorism by India and the brazen attempts to foment instability in a neighbouring country.

That criminal apathy to the situation created by India portrays a hypocritical dimension of global politics which is subservient to the strategic and commercial interests rather than concern for humanitarian causes, international law and UN conventions. It explains why issues like Kashmir and Palestine have remained unresolved and the respective perpetrators of oppression and persecution continue to pursue their nefarious objectives with unruffled focus. It is indeed an affront to the UN, a body responsible for maintaining and promoting peace and making sure that all member states act in conformity with the principles enshrined in the UN charter.

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India, through her proxy war against Pakistan has created a very dangerous situation. Pakistan and India are both nuclear powers. Any military confrontation between them can have disastrous consequences for the region and beyond. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the UN and those who never tire of professing their humanitarian credentials, adherence to the principles of the UN charter and love for peace, to prove them through concrete actions. Expressing concerns and then looking the other way would lead to further aggravation of the situation, to the detriment of the interests of all the regional and global stakeholders in peace and security.


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