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Iran has condemned the Ormara attack, and Pakistan has demanded further action from Tehran against terrorist organisations that it claims are coming from across the border. Just two months ago, the roles were in reverse and it was the Iranians making such demands after a Pakistani condemnation of the attack on a bus that killed 27 members of the Revolutionary Guards.
While Iran did not share actionable in February, Pakistan claims it has some and will share it with Iranian authorities. Iran has made no direct comment on this front yet, but the fact remains that both countries can focus on the common thread in their claims. Both claim cross-border attacks emanate from the other’s country. Both also say that they want to further strengthen overall bilateral ties. So, both should find a way to work on the second point in a way that addresses the first as well. Securing the border would help address a number of major and minor points of contention between the two countries.
Apart from terrorists, the porous border also allows for the easy passage of goods, leading to a thriving black economy on either side. This would also be addressed if the two states agreed to fence and better monitor the border. The upcoming meeting between Prime Minister Imran Khan and Iran’s supreme leader and president will present a good opportunity to forward such a proposal, while a consensus on how to address terrorism more broadly would also invariably end up on the table. A solution on this front would truly be of mutual benefit because it is not just sectarian terrorism that is affecting border provinces. Both sides also have problems with Baloch (or in Iran, Baluch) separatists. Addressing separatism by finding agreeable ways to establish the writ of both states in their respective domains would go a long way in addressing sectarianism, as the enemies of peace have shown time and again that they are more than willing to work together to bring death to the region.
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