Strengthening The Economy By Mirza Shahnawaz Agha

Natural Resources and Human Resources are the two factors of strength for any economy. Whilst natural resources are a provision of Providence the human resource is for us to mould, enhance, polish and make productive. One compliments the other and if one is abundant and the other scarce then imbalance can, and has been, always counter productive. These two factors belong to each other and their optimised usage comes out of extreme research into every facet of their existence. A developed human resource based on literacy, the exercise of free will and the liberty of inquisition will identify the natural resources, expand and optimise its utility. When God makes a reference to constant and compulsive migration I think it is the knowledge base we need to transit everyday that is being ordained. Natural resources represent value and the human resource represents value plus the ability to expand and increase value exponentially. Whilst this is the hypothesis and reality to reckon with the international thrust to discriminate in the human race or to de-populate the world is a deliberate attempt by the mean and ugly to eat into the share of others. Each person on the earth is an equal owner, with any other, when it comes to a right of owning the natural resource on the planet or beyond. It is the quality of collective knowledge base in any given society or country that determines, in the macro context, what will add greater value to the limited resource available and therefore create wealth.
Governments that have ignored the living standards and comforts of a population that has appointed them, as the principle obligation are by all cannons of law guilty of high treason. These are the type of people who need to be kept out of government and or any connected role thereof whatsoever. The first world so referred to resolved way back in 1774 that the labour force, the blue collar need to have a labour compensation that can afford them food, clothing, durable living, healthcare and education. This was at a unified standard applicable to all. The President or the piped piper was not to be discriminated when it came down to these basics. The results have been astounding because what surfaced in the modulation of the society was tolerance, respect of law for the rights of others and above all was labour with merit. From the economic perspective it gave the economy purchasing power at the grass root level so industrial growth and quality standards automatically came into place with a strong consumer front.
The difference, when compared to the above parable, has been the taking of labour as captive and advertising the availability of cheap labour for production. This is criminal. The compensation of labour across the country is ridiculously assessed based on achieving political mileage instead of the cost of living on any economic scale. This under paid, starved and ill provided ignorant labour will continue to deliver third-rate production because the one thing that is not in use is the human brain. On the same analogy we can see in every segment of our society and testify, what this quality of human resource has thrown up as leaders. People like themselves! Branded as politicians we have the ignorant, corrupt, ignoble, meritless and desperate for social acknowledgement, the messiahs of doom.
The liberation of the people from this oppressive economic bind is the first milestone to cross towards strengthening our economy. Educate, train and deploy the lot and for those who are unfit due to age and ailments provide fiscal empowerment. This can best be done across the board for the entire population by the army and compulsorily. Their involvement as municipal developers, club and school operators and general entrepreneurs is really off the mark. The nation should pay the army to do this and this is possible if they do not surrender the population as hostages into captive political territories to remain enslaved in hoards. The Army has to be deployed hands down into defence production in tandem. Both the natural resources and human resource access can then enable them to serve the country as defenders with an effective global out-reach. Running the administration is not their business and that is diluting their efficacy as a defending deterrent.
Similarly the executive voted into office must come in purely on their economic agenda and nothing else as a criterion. The country does not need pretty faces and slanderous tongues; it needs economic plans that can withstand the global hegemony of neocolonialism. ‘Small is beautiful’ is the solution when it comes to managing the natural and human resources. Establish regulatory standards at the highest level of known technology and revert execution and management back to the people in small pockets with fiscal independence. Let the race begin within contained legal lanes to a defined destination. One day soon we will be able to give bonuses to people from over required income gains. We need to learn to say goodbye to our feudalistic mindset forever and rise to equate ourselves with the civilised, modern and developed world. Don’t you think it is time?
— The writer is an entrepreneur and author based in Karachi.\

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