Technical Education By Umar Bin Abdul Aziz

NO nation could progress unless it promotes technical education. Technical education plays a vital role in human resource development of a country by creating skilled manpower, enhancing industrial productivity and improving the quality of life. Pakistan is an under-developed most populous country in the world. Human recourse is the main factor of development and growth of any nation. Skilled inhabitants can be the asset of a country. In the modern world, skilled man is an important asset of the nation. No nation can make progress without experts. Skillful and educated persons are the back bone of economy. It is clear that without proper trained and proficient labour and human resources, no nation can make growth and development. All industrial nations focused on specialization and training of people.

“Knowledge is power, and competent personnel shape the future.” Xi Jinping. In Pakistan, if we want to make progress we should train our people for all sectors. The production depend on skilled and trained labour. If we want to increase production then we must have qualified and educated people for it. We need experts for agriculture, carpentry, engineering, medical, driving, piloting, mechanics and manufacturing. We need technicians for making factories, roads, bridges, canals, buildings, airports, machinery, cars, tractors, aero planes, military weapons, locomotives, food.

In the present world, all countries are focusing on the industrial growth and manufacturing. Industrial development depends upon the skilled labour and workforce. Without such people industry can’t build up and flourish. For increasing production and growth skilled people are significant. Technical education is important for the development and growth of Pakistan. Regrettably, technical education in our society is not promoted as it should be. Technical education plays vital role in the expansion and escalation. In our country, we have less institutions of technical education and training on government as well as private level.
Technical education is crucial for the economy. All developed nations have trained their people for the production of goods. China, Japan and similar nations focused on the technical education therefore they are making everything in their countries. Their exports are more than their imports because they have trained their people for making goods in their own countries. They stress on the technical education for more production of machinery and goods. In our country, we don’t have any policy for increasing skilled and trained personnel for our industry and economy. Here still we are producing simple graduate and traditional workers who cannot produce anything for country. We are wasting our time and energy on simple F.A and B.A education. These people only can do a job of clerk in any office. But we don’t need simple graduates. If we want to make progress in industry and other sectors we should focus on technical education.

We should change the mindset of the nation. Technical education should be promoted on school and college level. People should be guided for technical courses. As we observed that diploma holders can easily get job as compared to simple graduates. So technical education is necessary for employment and growth of economy. We can export more skilled labour to the Middle East and other countries if we train and teach them technical education. Technical education is crucial for increasing production and exports and for decreasing unemployment, imports and inflation. The Government should focus on technical education. New technical institutions must be built on Tehsil and Union Counsel level. Private institutions should be promoted for this purpose and their fee and quality must be checked and controlled by government. I think, technical subjects must be included in our syllabus of matriculation and intermediate classes. We can train our people for local industry as well as foreign countries. We can increase the remittance by exporting more technical and expert people.

Government should provide subsidy for promoting technical education in the country. Without promotion of technical education, the dream of development is not possible. Our Prime Minister is talking about free visa of Qatar and other countries, I think when we will have more experts and skilled people then foreign countries will automatically import them as per their requirements. First of all, we should train our people then talk about exporting them. Unskilled person could not be adjusted in local as well as international market. Government should make the policy for increasing technical education. For this purpose, we can take advantage by the experience of our friend country, China. Without technical education the dream of development is not possible.

–The writer is freelance columnist, based in Islamabad.


March 25, 2019
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