Towards Load-Shedding Free Pakistan | Editorial

The government announced Sunday that 63% of the feeders in the country are load-shedding free and criteria being adopted for the purpose means no electricity shortage or outage for regions where theft or losses are minimal. Minister for Power Division Sardar Awais Leghari while giving details at a news conference said that zero load-shedding feeders include LESCO 1227, GEPCO 748, FESCO 896, IESCO 710, MEPCO 763, PESCO 309, HESCO, 204, QUESCO 61 and tribal areas 29 feeders.

This is not a small achievement if one recalls what present government inherited in 2013 despite tall claims and repeated claims by its predecessor PPP govt during its five-year tenure. PPP added to woes of the people and it only complicated the situation by launching schemes like rental powers that provided almost no relief to consumers but the country is still trying to grapple with the consequences in international court for settlement of disputes. The incumbent government worked hard and launched thermal, hydel, solar, wind and nuclear power projects, many of which are now contributing to the national grid and many more are in different stages of implementation. The announcement of zero load-shedding is not because of reduction during winter season but the country today has 2,700 MW of surplus electricity and the situation would improve further in coming months when more projects would start generating electricity. By successfully addressing the chronic problem of power outage, the PML (N) government has disproved assertions by leaders like Syed Khurshid Shah, who have been saying that the menace of load-shedding would be there in 2018 as well. Apart from electricity, the present government also took practical steps to overcome gas shortage and it was because of import of LNG that today there is no gas load-shedding, unlike in the past, in any part of the country even in winter when consumption increases significantly. Uninterrupted availability of electricity and gas means accelerated socio-economic development, credit for which would surely go to the policies pursued by Mian Nawaz Sharif, who has a vision to develop Pakistan on modern lines. The announcement of load-shedding free Pakistan would further boost confidence of the people in developmental approach of PML (N). Hopefully, the achievement would be sustained and steps would be taken to address remaining ills of the power sector including replacement and improvement of distribution system, new transmission lines and elimination of corruption.


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