Trilateral Dialogue | Editorial

BEIJING’S initiative of trilateral dialogue involving also Pakistan and Afghanistan is proving to be significant and positive one to build trust and remove misunderstanding between Islamabad and Kabul. With this China has once again proved its peace credentials and shown its commitment towards building a peaceful and prosperous region.

The third round of trilateral dialogue between the three countries was held in Islamabad on Saturday during which they reiterated the resolve to boost counter terrorism efforts and it was reaffirmed that no terrorist organization, element or individual would be allowed to use their soils against any country. As regards Pakistan is concerned, it has always rightly stressed for better management of border and for this reason it has also started work on fencing its border. Nonetheless, these steps have been seen with suspicion and not reciprocated by Kabul. And the reality is that Pakistan continues to face terrorist attacks from across the border. This trilateral dialogue in fact has provided both the countries an opportunity to address these issues and we are confident with China acting as a primary mediator between them, the situation between the two countries will further improve with the passage of time. At the same time, it is important that this trilateral forum is also effectively used to enhance economic and trade cooperation amongst the three regional countries. China is a global economy and both Pakistan and Afghanistan having close geographical proximity with it could immensely benefit if they build trust and confidence with each other. The regional trilateral trade can witness a sharp upsurge with restoration of peace in Afghanistan and the completion of connectivity projects. Addressing a news conference after the trilateral dialogue, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi showed great interest in the construction of Peshawar-Kabul motorway. Indeed the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) offers a great opportunity to all the regional countries and by building rail and road infrastructure, a great economic activity can be generated up to the Central Asian States. Physical barriers that have served as the sources of poverty and hindrance to development for ages need to be removed. Indeed the BRI of visionary President Xi Jinping offers the solution.


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