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In the American president Donald Trump, American imperial arrogance finds personification. Like all other presidents of the United States (US), Trump is keen on fighting an economic war against Iran to bring the clerical regime to its knees. But Trump has adopted an altogether sinister approach to fighting the economic war against Iran. His administration is poised to withdraw waivers that have allowed countries like China, India and Turkey to buy Iranian oil even after reintroduction of sanctions against Iran.
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The latest aggressive decision of the US administration is a double edge sword. The decision, if accepted by countries like India, China and Turkey will bring Iran’s oil exports to zero, but it also carries the seeds of deteriorating the US relations with its allies, as the US allies, especially China, will also reciprocate the US sanctions. Were this to happen, the US economy can also suffer because of Trump’s move against Iran. In that case, it will be a self-inflicted wound whose timing is wrong as the 2020 elections are around the corner.
It is now crystal clear that the real reason for leaving the Iran nuclear deal was not because of Iran’s violation of the agreement but the growing influence of the Gulf country that has made the American hawks wary. Though Trump is relying on Saudi Arabia’s for pumping more oil to keep the prices steady, the Middle Eastern oil executives are sceptic about Saudi Arabia’s compliance.
Additionally, the latest US move against Iran will hit China the most. The decision of the US to sanction its allies comes at a time when Beijing and Washington are trying hard to find a solution for their trade wars. Both China and Turkey have categorically rejected the unilateral sanctions and maintain that sanctions are useless in changing Iran’s behaviour. In short, this latest move of Washington will have far-reaching consequences at home and abroad.
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