Trump’s Impeachment | Editorial

President Donald Trump of the United States of America (USA) has been voted out by the House of Representatives due to the obstruction of Congress and abuse of power over his dealings with Ukraine. This is the third time in history that a President has been impeached in the American Parliament. While the verdict is representative of how agitated the political system is due to the election of Trump, particularly the Democrats, the bill still has to be tested in the Senate where the Republicans hold a majority.
The Democrats will need a two-thirds majority to win this case. At this point, there are 53 Republicans, 45 Democrats, and two independents who caucus with the Democrats. If at least 20 republicans vote in favour of the impeachment along with the independents, only then will Trump leave the White House. The chances of Democrats winning this debate are very less because of the majority of Republicans in the Senate along with them making this an anti-Trump movement rather than accepting Trump’s anti-America decisions. Once, Trump is able to avoid impeachment in the Senate, he will be able to run in the Presidential campaign once again.
According to the latest polls by the USA TODAY/Suffolk University, President Donald Trump, leads his top Democratic rivals in his bid for a second term. The American population is very much in favour of the policies being adopted by President Trump and the average voter is willing to vote him in again. Democrats now need a stronger narrative to counter the wide-spread influence of President Trump because the current statistics show a lasting disillusionment from the Democrats. So much so that voters are willing to overlook Trump’s personal mistakes in the office as long as his domestic policies are benefitting the average American.
The articles of impeachment are now expected to be sent to the Senate, where senators will consider evidence, hear witnesses and vote to acquit or convict the president. The chief justice of the US Supreme Court presides over the trial. The democrats are planning to withhold the articles of impeachment. This will allow them to set the procedures for the trial. However, it is very unlikely that the Senate Republicans will favour the Democrats. The proceedings are expected to take place on Thursday, and in case President Trump leaves, Vice President Mike Pence will take the command of the government.

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