US Human Rights Report 2023: A critical analysis By Dr Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan

US Human Rights Report 2023: A critical analysis By Dr Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan

MOST recently, the US annual Country Report on Human Rights Practices was presented, which raised certain concerns of so-called human rights violations in Russia, Iran, China, North Korea and even in Pakistan. It also summarized human rights conditions in more than 200 countries and regions around the globe. However, critical analysis reveals that it is politically motivated, economically biased, socially untrue and geopolitically false propaganda. It seems to have constant ideological biases against China, its stable and sustainable macro-economy, its whole process democracy, its law-based governance and last but not the least, its people-centric philosophy of development, dismantling all racial discriminations, ethnic rifts and economic marginalization in its country, discarding the US and the West’s accusations. The government of China and its policymakers have already strongly rejected these so-called human rights violations in Xining, Xizang and Hong Kong.

China has effectively eradicated extreme poverty, uplifting over 850 million people and showcasing remarkable socio-economic progress. With the world’s largest social security system, comprehensive healthcare and education, it underscores its unwavering commitment to citizens’ welfare. Prioritizing people and environmental well-being, China champions shared prosperity globally. Its unique model for human rights protection integrates socio-economic development, social justice, and transparent governance under the CPC’s oversight.

The CPC stands as the guardian of people’s human rights and prioritizes their welfare in all legislative and administrative actions, making it the world’s largest political party by voluntary participation. Surveys, including one from Harvard University, consistently show over 90 percent satisfaction with the Chinese government, refuting claims of human rights violations. The US’s silence on its own issues in its Human Rights Reports exposes its double standards and hegemonic nature.

Ironically, the US turning a blind eye to over 110,000 civilian casualties in Gaza, vetoed the UN Security Council’s efforts for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza four times in a roll and uttering not a single word for helpless Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir and still it is self-claimed so-called champion of the human rights. Simply, it is a demise of moralities and humanities. Statistical data of the US (2024) confirms that incidents of racism, anti-immigrant sentiments, and threats to democracy remained pressing human rights problems in the United States in 2023. It also indicates that national poverty rate further increased and economic inequality also widened and the racial wealth gap remained high showing the real picture of its political system which is further polarized, society further divided and economic conditions are further deteriorated resultantly, the US human rights remained the easy prey of these socio-economic marginalization and political inequalities.

The US also undermined its stated commitment to human rights by providing military assistance to human rights-abusing states during 2023 and Israel is the prime example of it. On the other hand, China’s holistic policies of community and social development, multiculturalism, ethnic diversity, balanced regional economic parity, diversification of energy and resources, human capital and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Xinjiang and Xizang regions have produced “miracles” for the lives of common people. The Chinese government has always attached great importance to safeguarding human rights, fully ensuring the rights to subsistence, development, political participation, cultural expression, social participation, and religious belief of all ethnic groups in these regions.

Despite the Western propaganda, Xinjiang and Xizang regions enjoy utmost social stability, immense economic growth, unshakable solidarity among all ethnic groups and harmony among various religious beliefs, and the people there are living a happy life. Xinxiang holds around 20 percent of global cotton, 40 percent of the world’s supply of poly-silicon for solar panels, and 13 percent of the global output of wind turbines. About 25 percent of tomato paste, 11 percent of walnuts, and 10 percent of the world’s rayon also originate from here. Xinjiang has become a global manufacturing hub and reliable supply chain. Thus its people are enjoying social harmony and economic freedom and living decent and prosperous lives.

All people in Xingjian and Xizang are not living in a so-called open air prison as showcased by the US and EU propagandists but live in “peace”, “prosperity” and “harmony. There is no incident of dissident, disharmony and disability among the different ethnic groups living in far-flung areas of China especially Xinjiang and Xizang. The overall economic performance, conditions and prospects in terms of GNP, supplies of social services, medical, housing, education and other basic necessities of life have further enhanced and consolidated in these regions. The Xinjiang regional government is eyeing greater development goals in 2024 and beyond. For 2024, the region has set a GDP growth rate target of around 6.5 percent, which is notably higher than around 5 percent growth targets set in many other Chinese regions. The region is also aiming to keep imports and exports growing at around 20 percent in 2024.

Pakistan also reacted sharply to the US report by categorically rejecting its contents and lambasting the United States’ silence on the continuing genocide in Gaza, saying that only a politically motivated report can ignore the alarming situation in Gaza and massacre of over 33,000 civilians. According to Pakistan, it lacks objectivity and politicization of the international human rights agenda. “It clearly demonstrates double standards thus undermining the international human rights discourse,” In summary, the US should truly care about human rights; it should take seriously and properly address domestic gun violence, drug abuse, racial discrimination against minorities especially African blacks and other violations of human rights and dignity in its own country. It should stop its intervention operations in other countries and also stop its Military Complex Theory spreading spirits of war in the world.

—The writer is Executive Director, Centre for South Asia & International Studies, Islamabad, regional expert China, BRI & CPEC & senior analyst, world affairs, Pakistan Observer.


US Human Rights Report 2023: A critical analysis By Dr Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan


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