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The crisis in the power sector has impacted the output of the system by a great extent. The impact is not just restricted to the output of the businesses in Pakistan but also the sectors such as health and education. $4.5 billion income loss as a result of lack of access to electricity almost makes up 1.7 percent of the national GDP. This is a huge number and incurring such a loss puts the country extremely behind on its developmental goals. These systems are up and running relying on the success of the output, however, one aspect such as energy is the hurdle in their path.
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A problem which has not been resolved by successive governments. The last government did successfully upscale the production of the national grid. This has been achieved after rigorous planning and several trial and error techniques. The addition of the units in the national grid did not ensure the transmission of the maximum output because the policy was not throughly planned out. The transmission lines in Pakistan have not upgraded according to the units added; the same units were being relied upon for successful delivery. However, the age-old transmission lines could not survive the extra units.
This is an area the new government needs to work upon. The renovation and addition of transmission lines is the next step in the process. The additional units can only be used to their maximum capacity if the grids are upgraded. At the same time, the government should develop a system to eradicate theft and the non payment of dues. If policies of the successive governments are in sync, many projects can see fruition during the new tenure.
The study, ‘Electrification and Household Welfare’, shows great improvement in the output of the systems in Pakistan if access to electricity is made readily available. At this point, one of the greatest barriers in the country is the power sector crisis – if the local businesses boom due to access of electricity, this will set up a steady market in Pakistan. Along with economic benefits, the provision of electricity will also improve the social fabric of the country. With the rising temperatures, the absence of such a basic necessity takes everyone a step back. The availability of resources will result in better cohesion in the society.
Source: https://nation.com.pk/01-Oct-2018/a-looming-crisis

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