Modi’s Habit of Distorting Facts | Editorial

INDIAN Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to occupied Kashmir on Saturday was not different from his previous visits to the Valley as the Kashmiri people again marked it with complete shutter down strike and protests to express their anger and resentment over ongoing brutalities of the Indian forces while Modi again used the occasion to distort the historic facts about Kashmir dispute.
Addressing a ceremony there, Modi in a veiled reference to Pakistan stated that foreign forces are misguiding the Kashmiri youth to take up the arms, an allegation that even saner elements in India strongly reject. In the past, one has also seen the Modi government making attempts to malign and undermine the freedom movement by trying to associate it with global terrorist outfits but the fact of the matter is that it is the blood spilled in the held Valley and state terrorism by Indian forces that compelled the Kashmiri youth to stand up and lead the movement to free their land from the illegal occupation. They in fact are demanding nothing else but right to self determination as was promised to them under several resolutions of the UN Security Council. So Modi must understand that distorting facts and ignoring ground realities would not help change the basic concept of Kashmir dispute. Even his massive development projects also cannot lure the Kashmiri youth as they indeed are striving for a great cause — the one that is their birth right and also accepted by international community. Instead of advising the Kashmiri youth to stop resistance, it is for the Indian government to put a stop to its brutalities and atrocities in the Valley and accept their right of self-determination. As long as Modi is the PM of India, one cannot expect any thing positive from his government yet India need to realise that the way forward lies not in any conflict or maintaining the status quo but to find a permanent solution of the dispute in accordance with the aspirations of Kashmiri people. Muslim countries within the OIC also need to rise above their expediency and show full support for the oppressed Kashmiri people in unequivocal terms as such a posture can force the Indian regime to not only end its tyranny against the innocent people but also make progress towards the resolution of the decades long dispute.

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