Pak-India Stalemate: What Next? | Mahrukh A Mughal

Pakistan is currently under a gruelling relationship with India. Its frantic ties with Pakistan signifies the importance of Hindu Muslim issues, long prevailed conflicts of India and Pakistan, massive disputes, terrorism and its funding and the most recent Shiv Sena propaganda. Its harder to determine the foreign policy of Pakistan when PM of Pakistan come up with a proposal of four peace points initiative with India at UN general assembly but got a uncooperative response to it.

A complete dismissal and a miserable attitude is being examined in the recent talks and meetings with India, whether it’s the NSA talks, UFA, UN or Shiv Sena propaganda against the Pakistan. Though the foreign policy of Pakistan is highly pragmatic, realistic and visionary this time. Thus it required to be changed following the pursuit of India or it may be expected for the comeback of a positive attitude from India.

After the delay the NSA meeting that agreed to held in August 2015, Foreign Secretary, Aziz signalled to present the proofs of Indian terrorism activities in Pakistan at the UN general assembly but though it was than presented as a response to India. Now India wants the negotiations according to its own agenda and points. So to undergo the foreign policy with India we must need to acknowledge as for what basis India has rejected the peace proposal of Pakistan.

Foreign policy pertains both realism and idealism. A hard talk or realism has always been part of India Pakistan foreign policy due to Hindu Muslim issues, Pak India issues and unresolved conflicts. Longest holding ceasefire initiated at times of Musharraf and BJP government that happened in 2003. Hard core governments of military establishments take up the ceasefire agreement. But alas due many attempts of violations on the ceasefire the border become hot. So a good move taken by the PM of Pakistan to propose the ceasefire without a blame game but India did not even taken the proposal point wise and this ultimately benefits Pakistan, as it turns to be an opening move to them, as diplomatically a quality move to be praised globally and highly realistic, as experienced before and went successful.

India has long being denying the UN and though the point that Pakistan raised as UN observer group to be expanded and strengthen enough to monitor the violations from both ends ultimately called by India as the propaganda of Pakistan. As Pakistan know the fact that India don’t accept the third party mediation and want the resolution bilaterally through that Simla Accord. As the first point to proposal was good enough but went inadequate due to second point as India denies the third party. The third point that Pakistan proposed was highly fantabulous to offer as no use of force against each other. South Asia has become suspicious to grant the world peace as due to the violations by India on the working boundary and on LoC. These undue brutal firing resulted to deaths of many innocent children, women and men.

Pakistan has collected many proves to terrorism activities in its territory and assembled the linkages to manysecretagencies of India that are involved in the subversive activities. Pakistan has made a concessionary statement this time as no use of force against each other, though the word nuclear has not used in it. It was meant as Pakistan would not use force so you should also not have to initiate it. This time India would have to accept that proposal but did not accepted because there is a hot pursuit going around in Indian army under the command of the BJP government by showing their public that we are so strong to conduct any successful operation just as we did in Myanmar and if needed we can also do bombing in Muridke and also at GHQ. So an intense jingoism is going around in Indian army these days. As they itself aggrandizing the threat so its hard to agree to the point of no use of threat.

A highly realistic and idealistic proposal was presented as steps taken to demilitarise Kashmir was proposed. Pakistan army is in a defensive position in Kashmir while Indian army is both in a defensive and offensive one, moreover oppressing and suppressing the Kashmiri people. It termed as a realistic point because it was successful before but unrealistic because India is in a belligerent attitude and this time he could never think to demilitarise Kashmir. Fourthly, agree to an unconditional mutual withdrawal from the Siachen glacier. After Kargil, India has changed its position about Siachen for not withdrawing its forces. Because those who have the way to Siachen can also stop the way from Punjab to Kashmir. If anything next happened so they could have their positions left on the Siachen as not to lose anything further. So not agreeing to any proposal is exposing India of being unreasonable to Pakistan.

Recently, a comprehensible propaganda by the Indian government was aimed and mission to discredit Muslims by an Hindu-extremist organization to whom Narenda Modi idolize and hold its policies to high esteem because they were the one who supported him in his political progress. Pakistan was being guided by the PCB as to stay apart cricket from politics and to keep hoping for the series. In a very crucial phase this happened when the three dossiers of Indian subversive activities in Pakistan were handed over to the US Secretary John Kerry by the PM of Pakistan and more over just recently ISI Chief has also presented with the facts of RAW involvement for carrying out the terrorists activities in Pakistan.

This was a complete planning and propaganda by the disingenuous politicians and by the State of India. This RSS, BJP and Shiv Sena is all the same shamble. Modi is not ready to hear any word against the Shiv Sena as clearly said that his relation to this Hindu-extremists organisation is over and above to politics but now Pakistani media and beneficiaries have to accept the fact that Shiv Sena threats are not concerned to the internal politics of India but this is a propaganda by the BJP and by the Narendra Modi’s government as to belittle Pakistan world wide by airing 48 hours insult of the PCB and threats to its actors, commentators and moreover they want to isolate Pakistan on the name of terrorism.

There was a time when Kashmir was the precondition to talk than to any other matter, but now India’s obduracy, stubbornness and refusal to talk on any issue whether its the matter of water, Siachen, trade, Kashmir or anything else so for Pakistan is back to its state policy of discussing the Kashmir at first length than to any other matter. But India is stick to a stray of wolf incident of Mumbai. Right now the world acknowledges India with a preferential treatment rather than Pakistan because of trade economy and investments. So keeping a pragmatic, realistic and visionary foreign policy would be a better move rather than being hawkish like India.

— The author, based in Lahore, writes on political, economic issues.

Pak-India Stalemate: What Next? | Mahrukh A Mughal


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