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As if all other crises that the country is facing are not enough, that city after city is finding it difficult to provide water to its citizens for daily use. Rawalpindi like Karachi is another major city that is facing a shortage of water. While to an extent the deficit is because of an inadequate supply of electricity, the actual problem is the poor water management and supply system of the city. Adding to the water woes of the town is the continuously lowering down of the water table as rains are lacking which in result have left many tube wells dry.
In the present case what is beyond comprehension is the incompetence of the district administration and concerned authorities to take measures in this regard. The citizens’ complaints, if considered, tells us the incompetence level of the district administration and relevant departments. Even though people have paid for water charges, they do not find water in their pipes and taps. While it is true that Pakistan is one of the most water stress countries in the world, the water shortage in the garrison city can be addressed through effective administration.
It seems that the conventional freshwater sources now available in the city are hardly sufficient to maintain the city’s current quality of life and economy. Not considering the environmental changes, overexploitation of underground water resources is one other reason that water shortage is acute in the city. However, the water supply authorities can overcome it by managing demand. The need is to bring a reduction in people’s consumption of water.
It is sad to note that although concerned national authorities like IRSA have consistently warned the government of the looming water crisis, the state failed to respond to such warnings promptly. It is about time to adopt techniques and mechanisms to conserve water so that people can get water for their daily use.
Source: https://nation.com.pk/04-Jun-2018/poor-water-management

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