Trump’s World – The Foreign Policy Legacy of the “America First” President

Title: Trump’s World – The Foreign Policy Legacy of the “America First” President
Pages: 379
Publisher: Foreign Affairs’ Council
Subject: Current Affairs / International Relations

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Trump’s World – The Foreign Policy Legacy of the “America First” President. When Donald Trump assumed the presidency in January 2017, the central tenets of U.S. foreign policy were already under scrutiny. Challenges came from within the United States, in the form of discontent with the unequal effects of globalization and the costs of foreign intervention, and from abroad, as rising powers contested post–Cold War U.S. dominance. Guided by an “America first” ethos, the Trump administration deviated from the United States’ traditional approach to alliances and international cooperation, favoring transactional relations and a renewed focus on geopolitical competition. It reversed U.S. policy in key areas, from abrogating the Iran nuclear deal to withdrawing from the Paris climate accord to recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It escalated some conflicts, including a trade war with China, and struggled to extricate the country from others, as in the case of U.S. military operations in Afghanistan and Syria. And, following a final year in office consumed by the coronavirus pandemic, Trump will pass on to his successor a global health and economic crisis that has come to define his presidency.

In this collection, we look at how Trump’s policies and the reordering of global politics over the past four years have contributed to a broader reassessment of the United States’ role in the world. That the Trump era marks a sharp divergence from the recent past is clear, but the consequences of the shift are less so. Grappling with this legacy will be among the next administration’s most significant foreign policy tests. The CSS Point provide CSS Books for Online purchase under the labeled You can track your order online via CN Tracking ID. We Provide all kind of CSS, PMS, PCS, NTS and General Knowledge books at discounted prices all over Pakistan, delivering books to over 350 cities in Pakistan. CSS Compulsory Books, CSS Optional Books, CSS Essay, CSS English Precis and Compositions, CSS Pakistan Affairs, CSS Current Affairs, CSS General Science and Ability, CSS Islamic Studies. The CSS Point is one of the first businesses in Pakistan to establish an e-commerce website as Online Book Store specialized for CSS Examination. You can Download all magazine for css examination, Global Point Current Affairs and DAWN Editorials Monthly basis are also available on our website. We are also started new project named Books Bazar ( you can buy all sort of books from Book Bazar either, CSS, PMS, NTS, General Knowledge, Law, Business Administration, College and Universities Books also available.

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