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IT is something very clear and obvious that Pakistan and India have been in a state of war since long. India has always showed its hostility against Pakistan at every platform and this hostility is not going to die at least in the reign of Mr. Modi. The survival of BJP and Mr. Modi is directly linked with aggravation of anti-Pakistan and anti- Muslim feelings among the Indian Hindus. Life is nothing but fear and harassment for the Muslims in India and all credit goes to Mr Modi for this fear and harassment.

The cruelty and brutality with which the RSS, the Shiv Sina and the BJP type of extremist organisations have been treating the Muslims for the last many years is continuously increasing, particularly after Modi’s becoming the Prime Minister of India. How pathetic is the fact that in this very modern world of today, the innocent Muslims of India are being butchered there if they are found eating beef or transporting it or even suspected of storing it. The Muslims have to face discrimination-based attitude and treatment at hands of the Hindutva followers at every step and in every field of life.

The days when Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujrat, the Rediff India published a report which said, “In thelast five yearsModi and his government have systematically put in policies that are discriminatory in nature. Getting a ration card or even a passport is a nightmare in the state of Gujrat as government employeesharass them for no reason. For Muslims, evengetting a job is not easy. But what pinches Muslims the most is the discrimination in education. Muslim children do not getadmissions in ‘decent’ schools.” Same is the situation today. The Hindu extremists are doing all possible to make the life of the Muslims a blazing hell.Gardiner Harris says in an article published in the New York Times, ‘ Discrimination against Muslims in India is so rampant that many barely muster outrage when telling of the withdrawn apartment offers, rejected job applications and turned-down loans that are part of living in the country for them. As a group, Muslims have fallen badly behind Hindus in recent decades in education, employment and economic status, with persistent discrimination a key reason. Muslims are more likely to live in villages without schools or medical facilities and less likely to qualify for bank loans.’

It is not only the matter with the Muslims living in India: the Muslims belonging to other countries also have to face the same cruel humiliation at the hands of Hindu extremists. The World Hindu News has recently published a letter of a Hindu extremist J. Arora. The letter says,’ Though Indo-Pak sports and cultural exchanges had been snapped after the Pakistan-sponsored terrorist attack on Mumbai in November but it is shocking that Ghulam Ali, a Pakistani singer, had been invited to perform in Mumbai and Pune in October, 2015. And after the said functions in Mumbai and Pune have been cancelled because of strong protests from the nationalists, the said singer is being invited to perform in Delhi and Kolkata.

Such invitations convey very horrible messages. India has lost countless soldiers and civilians in Pakistan sponsored terrorist attacks. And even now, this terrorism is continuing. In this background, it is shameful for any Indian to invite any Pakistani singer for any function.’ But on the other hand, we find no such type of anti-India or anti-Hindus movement in Pakistan. The people of Pakistan want peaceful relations based on equality with all their neighbouring countries including India but their desire for peace must not be taken as their weakness.

—The writer is freelance columnist based in Multan.

Two-Nation Theory Stand Tall | Ali Sukhanver


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