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Foreign Policy as a Tool For Economic Development By Nasir Khan

The emerging powers, whose primary objective, both nationally and globally, has been to assist their growth and augment their protrusion …

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How Will Russia Respond to the U.S.-China Cold War? By Jeffrey Mankoff

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s July 23 speech at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library confirmed that the Trump administration is …

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Daily Times Editorial 30 September 2020

Asian growth grinds to a trickle   There just seems no end to all the bad news generated by the …

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Dawn Editorial 30 September 2020

Maryam in the mix NEVER the ideal indulgence for the fainthearted, politics in Pakistan may be poised to enter a …

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Declining Standards of Education By Malik M Aslam Awan

THE declining standards of education have caused a torrential sense of discontent amongst the sane circles of civil society. One …

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What Makes Pak-China Relations So Special, So Different and So Unique? By Mohammad Ali Zafar

Pakistan and China have been regarded as an all-weather friend due to the cordial and never-ending trust that binds the …

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Winds of Change: Dr Abdullah’s Visit to Pakistan By Reema Shaukat

HISTORIC intra-Afghan dialogue unfolded on the 12th of September 2020 in Doha, Qatar with high hopes among all stakeholders. After …

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Covid-19 Precautions | Editorial

DURING the past couple of weeks, there has been an uptick in Covid-19 cases in the country. According to news …

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Daily Times Editorial 29 September 2020

Medical city   At a time when practically all senior politicians, whether in or out of government, are preoccupied with …

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Dawn Editorial 29 September 2020

At daggers drawn WHILE it is true that the government may not be directly responsible for the arrest of Leader …

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Daily Times Editorial 28 September 2020

PM is right about Afghanistan   Prime Minister Imran Khan is right to warn, in an oped published in the …

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Dawn Editorial 28 September 2020

APS commission report IS closure even possible for the survivors of the APS massacre and the families of those who …

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Dawn Editorial 27 September 2020

PM’s UN speech IN his speech to the UN General Assembly on Friday, Prime Minister Imran Khan rightly highlighted the …

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The United States Is Not Entitled to Lead the World By James Goldgeier and Bruce W. Jentleson

That the United States should lead the world is often taken for granted, at least in Washington, D.C. The country …

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New WHO Warning | Editorial

THE threat of Covid-19 is far from over. While several countries are moving towards easing restrictions and lockdowns, the World …

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The Future of China-US Face-off By Dr Talat Shabbir

The warning was loud and clear when the Chinese envoy at the UN said “enough is enough” while responding to …

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The UNGA Speech | Editorial

The effectiveness of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly session can be gauged by the …

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Renewable Energy | Editorial

THE World Bank has shown Pakistan the way forward in the energy sector by approving $450m to support the country’s …

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