Law & Order Strategy And Economic Effects | Dr Muhammad Khan

NATIONAL Action Plan by the government of Pakistan is a best initiative to maintain law and order situation in the country. Although nation had to bear hardships like sacrifices of the lives of their dear’s one but consequently by the exceptional hard work of PAK army and other law enforcement agencies’ operations in different areas of Pakistan could make the better solution for peaceful country. The credit goes to Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shrif and Army Chief Mr. Raheel Shareef. In other ways nation had to bear different kind of fluctuating problems for their life hood. The main economic problems taking start from Inflation. In Pakistan, inflation is caused by the increase in food prices. It might be due to less productivity of agriculture sector or could be the result of shortage of goods and services in the economy developed by manufacturing sector’s “giants”. So the government has prime chance to improve the agriculture sector because the law and order atmosphere is almost favorable to give attention on the other problems, which are also impediment to control the inflationary situation. The favorable law and order situation of the country may also help to minimize the imports through increase in local production and investment both the foreign and local. Depreciating exchange rate in this scenario can also put upward pressure on price level.

Similarly, some people blamed indirect taxes for being the main cause of inflation. Inflation, result of any factor, hurts the poor more since more than half of the budget of the low income persons is spent for food. It also redistributes income from fixed income earners to owners of assets and earners of large and variable income, such as profits. Excess money supply is the main factor responsible for inflation in the long run, however at the same time, other factors; including structural problems also influence the rate of inflation. There is also pressure on the government to increase the value of the statepension and unemployment benefits and other welfare payments as the cost of living climbs higher. High inflation can lead to an increase in pay claims as people look to protect their real incomes.

This can lead to a rise in unit labor costs and lower profits for businesses. If one country has a much higher rate of inflation than others for a considerable period of time, this will make its exports less price competitivein world markets. Eventually this may show through in reduced export orders, lower profits and fewer jobs, and also in a worsening of a country’s trade balance. A fall in exports can trigger negative multiplier and accelerator effects on national income and employment. High and volatile inflation is not good for business confidence partly because they cannot be sure of what their costs and prices are likely to be. This uncertainty might lead to a lower level of capital investment spending.

Inflation is a decline in the real value of money — a loss of purchasing power in the internal medium of exchange, which is also the monetary unit of account in an economy. Inflation is a key indicator of a country and provides important insight on the state of the economy and the sound macroeconomic policies that govern it. A stable inflation not only gives a nurturing environment for economic growth, but also uplifts the poor and fixed income citizens who are the most vulnerable in society. So due to the high inflation rate the poverty ratio is increasing day by day rapidly.

Another common reason of inflation is a rise in production costs, which leads to an increase in the price of the final product. For example, if raw materials increase in price, this leads to the cost of production increasing, this in turn leads to the company increasing prices to maintain their profits, this kind of inflation is call cost-push inflation. Furthermore, rising labor costs can also lead to inflation, because workers demand wage increases, and companies usually chose to pass on those costs to their customers, this sort of inflation is called wage-push inflation. The Government of Pakistan should take a serious action to care upon thecottage industry and should imposed special less price taxes to run the industry faster. In industry works it spread out the wages of lot many. Actually it is working of the government of fulfill the requirement of labor class people. To reduce the inflation from society the government of Pakistan taking initiatives like, improvement of technical Training Centers to develop better industrial Pakistan for better development and better export to maintain the name of Pakistan in the leading countries and another way to reduce unemployment (Apna Rozgar Scheme) has been launched successfully. People are enjoying with this facility and earning according to the standard. On the other hand due to the concerted efforts of the Chief Minister Mian Shehbaz Shirf and the Inspector General of the Punjab Mushtaq Shukhera the two Eids, Muharram and Local Bodies Elections’ (the first phase) have organized and manage safely.

According to the said plan by the Chief Minister to the IG Punjab, he has taken the special initiative to modernize the police department in favor of the Province. Specialized Protection Unit is structured by the Government of the Punjab especially for the protection of the foreign Chinese and other experts who are working for the Development Projects of the province. So due to these measures the foreign investors will feel satisfaction regarding the security issues in Pakistan.

So they are increasing their investment in Pakistan. So, through heavy foreign investment inflation rate can be reduced andemployment opportunities also may increase. Secondly, in the Punjab province, Specialized Investigation Units are structured for the completion of investigation process rapidly and effectively, and homicide cells are also made under these units. To overcome the street crime in the Lahore city, the decision is made to make a special Dolphin Force in the city.

To counter the extremism in the province, a Counter Terrorism Department is established and fifteen hundred carpools in three badges with modern expertise have passed out. An inquiry committee has made to stop the women harassment. According to me the eminence person from the society should be the member of this committee for better results. If these above giving plans work accordingly, there are many radiant chances to grow the nation safely and productively. This can save the future of the nation thoroughly.

— The writer is Chairman (Federation of Pakistan Chamber Garment Industry)


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