Literacy in Today’s World | Maira Saleem, Maham Malik

The importance of literacy in the world today cannot be emphasized enough where new technologies are emerging from nowhere to side put the out of date ones. Illiteracy is a small piece in a large window, opening into the world of knowledge based on reading and writing as one of the earliest cultural activities of mankind. With a population of 170 million, Pakistan holds the heavy load of one of the most illiterate countries of Asia. Above that, Pakistan produces about 445,000 university graduates and 10,000 graduates of computer science per year. In the Report on Human Development, Pakistan is placed in the position 136th where only 49.9 % of the population is educated. In addition to this, Pakistan is ranked 113th out of the 120 members in states of the United Nations registered according to the investigation conducted by the UNESCO.

Education is a basic right of all human beings and it has now become a standard for measuring the social progress of nations. It is certainly one of the keys to the political, social and economic development. The education policy is always at the top of national priorities of today. The recent situation of global intolerance also is believed to be linked to literacy. Literacy rates have shown with the research to be linked with the economic development of the country. Literate Societies have more to win today. Have a greater social and political stability. So the literacy is an important aspect in the international level. Pakistan is a country though very rich in talent and natural resources but due to certain flaws in the educational system, the literacy rate is very low.

A gender issue begins from the way that social standards and religion is confused. Individuals see that religion confines females of the family inside of four dividers of the house. This is a solid conviction particularly in rustic zones where larger part of the Pakistani populace lives. Here the mindfulness crusades to weaken this impact are troublesome as a result of the base inaccessibility. The sexual orientation imbalance has extreme impacts over the general proficiency figures. We likewise view sex-isolation as a purpose behind our low proficiency rate. In the creating nation like Pakistan where account is a noteworthy issue, where we are not sufficiently solid fiscally, we are focusing on sex isolated schools. We put stock in that the social standards here interest such measures anyway they ought not be considered to a degree where they turn into an obstacle. In spite of the fact that the legislature is doing push to give the isolated schools and universities for young men and young ladies yet at the same time it’s an issue. In the event that we’ll sit tight for the isolated schools for the young ladies we will deny our eras from the essential right of training.

Population growth is also posing a problem since the quick populace development confines the education arranging. There is a certain chance that following five years or something like that the populace figures get to be out of date and arranging should be amended. Additionally the effect of an effectively done work is constrained as a monstrous test develops inside of that period. Populace ought to be controlled if the impacts of the endeavors are to be watched unmistakably. Population growth is a low rated reason for low literacy rate of Pakistan. Quality of education at primary level is not standardized. These outcomes in high dropout rate. There is an almost no persuading variable and fascination in old systems for instructing. In this manner the individuals who are now financially tight are very powerless against drop from necessities. Cases have been accounted for with schools having instructors who are not qualified up to essential levels.

Pakistan can win the situation by overcoming financial, political and economical requirements. The government is in the final power in this regard. If we want a major change then we need solid efforts by government on very big scale. It is quite obvious that nothing in private sector can fund the vast field of primary education. So, Economic limitations are the real issue which also comes under the hold of government responsibility. No other stake holder can be as powerful as govt and its effective policies. There should be steady system for teacher refresher courses and preferably they should be managed locally. Women education should be promoted as well by the government and can be promoted through campaigns on Islamic values.

— The writers are freelance columnists based in Rawalpindi.

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