Pak for 21st Century UN Reforms

PAKISTAN’S Permanent Representatives to the UN, Dr. Maleeha Lodhi, who is known forvisionary approach to important issues, has called upon the world body to transform itself into a 21st century institution by making the Security Council more responsible to the General Assembly. Speaking at a meeting in New York on Security Council reforms, she pointed out that the UN is losing its relevance in maintaining international peace and security and the situation can be reversed if the Security Council in its decision making takes into account the collective voice of the General Assembly.

What Dr. Maleeha Lodhi has said is, in fact, voice of all fair minded people of the globe who are pained to see that decisions at the UN are not made by the majority at the forum of General Assembly but selected ones at the Security Council. There have been countless instances where will of the global community was reflected in GA debates and resolutions but the Security Council passed resolutions on the contrary or trampled the voice of the world through use of veto power by one of the permanent members of the Council. This major and fundamental flaw in the working of the UN is mainly to be blamed for present-day turmoil in the world and non-resolution of longstanding disputes in a just manner. UN should mean collective will of the international community but unfortunately it has become tool in the hands of veto wielding powers and two of them have been misusing this power grossly undermining the world body. The point raised by Dr. Lodhi is quite relevant and timely as attempts are again being made to add some more permanent members to the Council, which could complicate the dilemma further. The undemocratic veto power was given way back in 1945 and since then much water has flown under bridge and therefore, instead of adding more veto wielding powers to the Council, this privilege should be abolished altogether, membership of the Council should rotate and it should take decisions on two-third majority basis alone.


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