Pakistan Manifest Destiny By Atif F Qureshi

Pakistan Manifest Destiny By Atif F Qureshi. The compelling book delves deep into the heart of Pakistan’s historical journey.

Title:: Pakistan Manifest Destiny
Author: Atif F Qureshi
Pages: 231
Subject: CSS PMS Pakistan Affairs
Recommended: FPSC

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Pakistan Manifest Destiny by Atif F Qureshi: A Path to National Revival

Pakistan Manifest Destiny By Atif F Qureshi. In the compelling book “Pakistan’s Manifest Destiny,” author Atif F Qureshi delves deep into the heart of Pakistan’s historical journey and its potential future. Recommended for FPSC CSS aspirants for the compulsory subject of Pakistan Affairs, this book is a treasure trove of insight, combining historical analysis with visionary foresight.

In addition, the narrative begins by revisiting the inception of Pakistan in 1947, born from an inspired vision and achieved through immense sacrifice. Qureshi captures the early optimism and energy that defined the newborn nation, setting the stage for an exploration of the subsequent challenges it faced. So, the book critically examines the decades of struggle, division, and poverty that followed, offering a profound understanding of the nation’s journey.

Moreover, Qureshi’s analysis is incisive as he identifies the adoption of Western political, legal, and economic systems as a primary cause of Pakistan’s challenges. He argues these foreign concepts, such as socialism and English Civil Law, have led to a range of crises, from economic stagnation to terrorist insurgencies.

In addition, this exploration is crucial for students and scholars alike, offering a unique perspective on the compatibility of Western systems with the socio-political fabric of an independent Muslim nation.

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Main Features

  • “Pakistan Manifest Destiny” critically examines the challenges stemming from adopting Western systems in an independent Muslim nation.
  • The book highlights the historical journey of Pakistan since its inception in 1947, focusing on its initial optimism and subsequent struggles.
  • Author Atif F Qureshi advocates for a return to core Islamic values to address issues like economic stagnation and insurgencies.
  • The book provides a comprehensive policy roadmap covering defense, education, environment, and banking for Pakistan’s revival.
  • It offers an optimistic outlook for Pakistan’s future, emphasizing its potential to fulfill its manifest destiny through strategic reforms.

Furthermore, The heart of “Pakistan Manifest Destiny” lies in its optimistic outlook. Qureshi doesn’t stop at critique; he offers a roadmap for revival. He advocates a return to core Islamic values and outlines policies across various sectors, including defense, environment, education, and banking. So, this comprehensive approach to national planning is enlightening and inspiring, making the book a must-read for those interested in Pakistan’s policy-making and prospects.

Moreover, Qureshi’s vision is clear: Pakistan is poised for a glorious future despite the challenges. He brings to light the country’s potential and the manifest destiny that awaits it. So, the book is not just a historical analysis; it’s a call to action, a guide for policymakers, scholars, and citizens alike, emphasizing the power of returning to foundational values and principles.


Lastly, for students preparing for FPSC CSS, “Pakistan Manifest Destiny” is more than a book; it’s a journey through Pakistan’s past, examining its present, and a hopeful gaze into its future. So, It’s an essential read for understanding the nation’s identity, struggles, and the path to a resurgent and prosperous future.



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