Sixty Years of Pakistan Foreign Policy By Karamatullah Ghori

Title: Sixty Years of Pakistan Foreign Policy
Author: Karamatullah Ghori
Pages: 17
Subject: CSS/PMS Pakistan Affairs & Current Affairs

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Sixty Years of Pakistan Foreign Policy By Karamatullah Ghori. A country’s foreign policy, in the classical sense, is supposed to stay in lockstep with its political progression. By this yardstick, Pakistan’s foreign policy has, indeed, kept as tortuous a course as its political meandering, stumbling from crisis to crisis. Another definition of a country’s foreign policy says that it ought to reflect the national aspirations, goals and interests of its people. Foreign policy gurus have long argued that a country’s foreign policy should, ideally, be a distillate of its ideology and, taking a lead from this national font, morph itself into an instrument of national strength, international respect and global recognition for its ideological bedrock. Let us analyze Pakistan’s foreign policy performance and progression against this backdrop. For facility, we may divide it into various phases, starting with the earliest one that commenced with the birth of Pakistan as a sovereign state. Pakistan was born in a highly unusual and tumultuous ambience. Its birth was attended by a gruesome religious-communal frenzy in which Hindus and Muslims shed a lot of each other’s blood, thus leaving grievous scars of hostility on each other’s psyche. Pakistan, the junior, weaker and less-privileged of the two new states emerging from the maelstrom of the Partition of the Indian subcontinent received, additionally, a much larger influx of refugees than was the case with the larger Dominion of India. It was a case, veritably, of double jeopardy and twin dilemma for the infant state of Pakistan, whose psychological impact was devastating, almost traumatic. It suddenly found itself saddled with a larder of challenges, which would be enough to test the mettle of a longest abolished state, much less one struggling to find its feet under daunting conditions. Sixty Years of Pakistan Foreign Policy By Karamatullah Ghori

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