Time Magazine 9th May 2022 Double Issue

IT all looks like a game aT firsT. Verified users of Ukraine’s government mobile app are greeted with icons of military helmets and targets. An automated prompt helps you report Russian troop movements in your area, and rewards you with a flexed-arm emoji. “Remember,” the message says. “Each of your shots in this bot means one less enemy.” Another option on the menu, denoted by a droplet of blood, prompts Ukrainians to report and submit footage of war crimes in places now associated with atrocities : Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel.

This chatbot, created by Ukraine’s Digital Ministry and dubbed “e-Enemy,” is one of a half dozen digital tools the government in Kyiv has set up to crowd source and corroborate evidence of possible war crimes. Since the start of the invasion, Ukrainian officials, lawyers, and human-rights groups have scrambled to design new ways to catalogue and verify reams of video, photo, and eyewitness accounts of criminal behavior by Russian forces. Ukraine has adapted popular government apps to allow citizens to document damage to their homes, used facial- recognition software to identify Russian military officials in photos, and rolled out new tools to guide users through the process of geo tagging and time-stamping their footage in hopes it may help authorities hold the perpetrators responsible.

Time Magazine 9th May 2022 Double Issue

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